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Since 1978 humility and passion have always guided Pertile company. Continuous progress is the result of the commitment and dedication of each of its members, because thanks to this and to everyone’s value that the most innovative ideas are born.

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Our story begins here, in a small laboratory in the province of Padua where we began to produce handicrafts items for household on behalf of third parties. The lab was growing steadily, giving us daily little satisfactions and letting us dream of a future full of changes and evolutions.


One of our first dreams came true when our laboratory turned into Pertile sdf, a small family brand run by the parents Adriano Pertile and Carla Facco, and his firstborn, Enrico, currently responsible for the plant in Santa Giustina in Colle.


Our first factory was set up and our future started coming to life. Production, on behalf of third parties, is now handled by state-of-the-art technologies and numerically controlled machine tools, yet never abandoning the craftsmanship dimension. During this period, the second son Luca, currently responsible for the factory in Arsego (S. Giorgio delle Pertiche), joins the company.


Years have flown and we grew up, expanding our plants and buying new equipments. Internal design has become an integral part of our work, and in the meantime the company has welcomed the siblings Laura and Nicola, responsible for administration and for the technical area.


After the expansion of the Santa Giustina in Colle plant in 2012, we continued to add always more tiles to our puzzle, aiming at a high quality system, run by an experienced and skilled staff. Meanwhile, we continued to expand by purchasing a new building at Arsego of San Giorgio delle Pertiche which includes new offices, a warehouse and the finish assembly department.


Our adventure has led us to new horizons, with the creation of a startup dedicated to the realization of high quality Pertile brand products. During this period Giulia, the youngest of the Pertile brothers, entered the company as Marketing and Warehouse Manager.
Our past experience guide us in our present, but it is in the future that we look forward to with great expectations, ready to welcome it with the right step and the greatest enthusiasm.